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About Me

My name is Dana Wolfe Hood, hence the name DWH designs.  I created this company in order to pursue as many of my passions as I could fit into one business idea.  Art, industrial design, mechanical engineering, and fabrication are the passions that worked, with only music falling to the wayside (though I still write, record and produce music).  I have a different perspective on much of the areas that I focus due to being both passionate about the arts, all while loving the intricacies of business.  I graduated Cum Laude from the Colorado State University School of Business with a dual concentration in Marketing and Management.  At the same time, I received several minors, including Journalism and Media, Fine Art, and Anthropology.  So ... that juxtaposition of my life and thought is often portrayed in my art work and design.  I've embraced that uniqueness and hope that you enjoy what is created out of it.

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